Storage Systems

Until recently most grid-tied PV solar systems only work and produce electricity when the grid is on. If the grid is off, the system will turn off. Subsequently, most storage systems depend on the grid to power the PV system and in turn charge the batteries.

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Partial Coverage Whole Coverage

The PV systems we design and install offer the option of producing electricity even if the grid is down. This option provides the best of both worlds and offers the options of whole or partial house coverage. With this hybrid system, the homeowner has the option of going completely off the grid.

Consider a situation where the grid is down for an extended period. Most storage systems will discharge to power the loads, and since the grid is down the system is off, and the batteries will not be recharged. With this hybrid system, if the grid is down for an extended period, the system will work and provide power to the house during daylight hours. The excess electric production will charge the batteries. At night, the batteries will power the house, and recharge the next day.


This is a Game Changer!

Not to mention that this is American technology with the best warranty in the industry.

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